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Puppy is made out of white carnations is sitting in a basket filled with red and green tissue, silk grass and baby's breath holding a red rose.  Has heart accents.  Will melt your heart.  $30.00 and up.
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Puppy Love Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

Puppy is made out of white carnations is sitting in a basket filled with red and green tissue, silk grass and baby's breath holding a red rose.  Has heart accents.  Will melt your heart.

$40.00 and up.


Poodle Love Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

This is an adorable white poodle nestled into a basket of green tissue, accented with red fillers.  The poodle is made out of white carnations it is topped off with pink and red hearts and a pretty little pink bow. 

$45.00 and up


Sunshine Vase
(Located in Flower Shop)

Yellow daisies with yellow mini carnations, leather leaf, baby's breath and a beautiful orange butterfly and a matching orange ribbon.

$20.00 and up


Mixed Fresh arrangement in decorative vase.
(Located in Flower Shop)

This lovely bouquet has white snapdragons, lavender roses, purple alstromeria, hot pink alstromeria, purple iris, tree fern and baby's breath with a beautiful lavender bow.

$35.00 and up


White, Yellow, and Lavender Daisy Bouquet.
(Located in Flower Shop)

Bouquet is made up of white, yellow and lavender daisies, and has baby's breath for filler, greenery and a simple yellow bow.  Vase is a yellow bubble vase. 

Starting Price $35.00


Hot Pink and Yellow Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

This is a gorgeous bouquet made up of pink alstromeria lilies, yellow daisies, in a pink bubble vase with pink shear ribbon.

$35.00 and up.

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White Tulip and Yellow Alstromeria Bouquets
(Located in Flower Shop)

What a wonderful way to cheer up some one in your live.  This bouquet has white tulips, yellow alstromerias and white daisies.  Several different types of greenery and baby's breath in a clear vase with a light blue shear ribbon.

02-09-13 002$45.00 and up.

Bob Square Pants Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop.)
This is an adorable arrangement, Sponge Bob is made out of silk yellow carnations, around Sponge Bob is yellow and red tissue paper, with miscellaneous candy, red ribbon.  Very, Very Cute.       

$45.00 and up


Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Arrangement
(Located in Flower Shop(

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups arranged with  Silk Pink Carnations, Hersheys Kisses in the center, white and pink tissue and  zebra ribbon. 

$30.00 and up.


Get Well or Birthday Puppy Bouquet
(Located in our Flower Shop)

Send this bouquet to someone for a pick me up.  Puppy is arranged out of carnations, in a  plastic design container with yellow daisies, greenery, baby's breath and a Get Well Stick Mylar.

 $45.00 and up.


Hot Fudge Sundae Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

This Hot Fudge Sundae Mug has White Carnations that form the illusion of ice cream, topped off with a Red Mini Carnation for the Cherry, red straw, greenery and shear ribbon.

 $26.50 and up.


Hot pink alstromeria bouquet.
(Located in Flower Shop)

Pink Alstromeria stems with a shear pink ribbon that ties in center.  Nestled below is  a birds nest, with a pretty little bird sitting in the center of nest.  Bottom of arrangement is different types of greenery.  This would surely put a smile on someones face.

 $34.95 and up.


Lavender and Yellow Daisy Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

This is a beautiful arranged bouquet with yellow and lavender daisies, it has purple status for fillers, leather leaf and a yellow satin and shear yellow bow.  Would certainly brighten someones day.

 $30.00 and up.


Mixed Tulip Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

White tulips, hot pink mini carnations, yellow daisies, dark purple daisies, tree fern and baby's breath accented with curly willow and a hot pink bow in a clear vase.

 $40.00 and up


Mixed Fresh Bouquet
(Located in Flower Shop)

Vase Arrangement with 2 Hot Pink Carnations, 2 Lavender Daisies, 3 Yellow Buttons, 3 Pink Alstromeria, 1 White Hydrangea, Solidago, Leather Leaf.  Has a lavender, yellow and zebra print bow.

Starts at:  40.00 and up.


Yellow & Lavender Vase
(Located in Flower Shop)

Yellow and Lavender Vase Arrangement:  This bouquet is in a clear vase.  It has 3 yellow carnations, 3 yellow cushion mums, 3 pink alstromeria, 3 novi belgi, myrtle, leather leaf.  The bow is zebra, lav. and purple.

$35.00 and up.

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